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Is Your Food Robbing You Of Essential Nutrients? | What Are Anti-Nutrients

Anti-nutrients are plant defense mechanisms that evolved to prevent humans and other animals from accessing the nutrients within the plants, making...

| the thermo diet

Plant vs. Animal Milks - Is One Truly Healthier Than The Other?

Does milk really need to come from a cow or are plant-based milks the newest superfoods on the market? To break...

| the thermo diet

Why Buy Organic?

Organic foods, are they safer? Is organic food more nutritious? Is organic food healthier? What’s the real difference? Find out...

| the thermo diet

Skip The Skim, Grab The Whole Milk

Since the 1980s skim milk has become the milk of choice for many Americans. Low-fat alternatives have become encouraged in...

| the thermo diet

The Grass-Fed Difference

Ever wonder if grass-fed beef is just another grocery store marketing scheme or if it actually makes a difference in...

| the thermo diet

Fish Oil : Stop Voluntarily Poisoning Your Body

Besides the fact that fish oil supplements have been shown to be ineffective for most of the reasons they are...

| the thermo diet

Coconut Oil & Metabolism

Coconut oil is trending in health circles today due to its range of health benefits across the board. Keep reading...

| the thermo diet

The Thermo Diet Restaurant Guide

This guide is designed to help you more easily navigate the landmine fields known as restaurants. Restaurants don't have to...

| the thermo diet

Did Marilyn Monroe Eat Thermo?

Did you know that Marilyn Monroe ate a diet that is very similar to what we refer to as the...

| the thermo diet

Bioenergetic Friendly Meat, Dairy, Eggs & Honey Sources

Making the switch to a truly healthy diet and lifestyle can seem daunting, so we've compiled a list of bioenergetically and...

| the thermo diet

Why Vegetables Are Not Good For You

One question that is often asked in the realm of the Thermo Diet is “how are vegetables not good for...

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