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How To Lower Prolactin Levels Naturally

Suffering from low libido, infertility or the dreaded "man boobs"? Well, Prolactin might be to blame, here are 5 ways...

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The Importance Of Micronutrients

Modern medical school education does not focus on the human body’s absolute need for vitamins, minerals, and amino acids to...

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Step By Step Guide For Skyrocketing Your Metabolism

At this point, you have seen the in-depth articles for how a metabolically stimulating diet should look, and seen how...

| hormonal support

Think Again: Hormones Explained

Your body is only healthy when your hormones are balanced. Hormones are the key to not just restoring your health...

| hormonal support

10 Tips To Eliminate Stress Hormones Naturally

We humans are made up of hormones, many of which were meant to protect us back in the caveman era....

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Rebalancing Amino Acids

The importance of protein has finally started to be recognized by the majority of health and fitness professionals. Of course,...

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The Low Cortisol Lifestyle | UMZU's Guide To Fighting Stress

Hello everyone, Here at UMZU we try to make sure that we provide everyone with the best information that is...

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The Last Guide You'll Ever Need For Sleep (How To Get A Perfect Night Of Sleep)

Here’s the truth... Sleep is the best way to supercharge your day and improve your health. Most humans spend about...

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